Cornwall Agility Club cookies

The cookie policy of Cornwall Agility Club outlines the different types of cookies that may be used in relation to the Website

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files, which are used for access to the Internet, that are stored on the computer, the mobile device, the tablet or other equipment of a given User.

Cookies are installed through a request by the server of a given web page to your web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla) and are completely "passive" (they do not contain any software, viruses or spyware and do not have access to the information of the User hardware).

What are cookies used for?

We use cookies to record anonymous statistics, which helps us to understand, how users prefer to use the website. This allows us to improve its structure and contents, without identifying the user. The Cornwall Agility Club website records these statistics on the web hostís platform and also in Google analytics. We cannot track or identify any individual from the statistics. They tell us things such as which pages have been read, and whether access was from the UK or from another part of the world.

Security and confidentiality

Cookies are NOT viruses. They take the form of simple text. They are not made out of code and cannot therefore be executed or execute themselves alone. Consequently, they may not be duplicated or copied into other networks in order to get started and copied once more. Since cookies cannot perform those functions, they cannot be regarded as viruses.

Most often, browsers have built-in privacy settings, which provide different levels for the acceptance of cookies, the period of their validity and their automatic deletion after a User has visited a given website.

Thanks to their flexibility and the fact that many of the most visited and biggest websites use cookies, their use is almost inevitable. Deactivating cookies in your browser will not allow the access of a given user to many of the most commonly used websites, including YouTube, Yahoo, Gmail and others.